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How to make a login script for Mac OS by creating an executable command file

So after I completed the short script on how to mount SMB shares to folders from Terminal in MAC OSX I mentioned you could put that within a file and then execute it upon login to have this automatically spark up and run your mounting script each time the user logs in, See this post […]


How to add to hosts file on a MAC

From time to time it is necessary to update the hosts file on a machine, and MAC’s are no different! given they are based on unix most bits and pieces are in their usual places but “hidden” from the usual users. With good cause! If your reading this your obviously not a normal user… So […]


How to Secure SSH on CPanel and restrict to specific hosts

What I tend to do is restrict ssh to protocol 2 to start with, then change the listening port for ssh and lastly utilize CPanel’s built in hosts access control to restrict what sources are able to access ssh.