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Office365 ProPlus Deployment on RDS / Terminal Server

The whole Office365 thing can be useful if you can navigate the mess of Microsoft’s websites, licensing and broken links! I recently found upgrading to a VLK of Office was too much of a hassle with the customers having Office365 mail already we decided to try out the new Office ProPlus subscriptions with Shared Computer Licensing […]


How to Join a 2012 R2 RDS Session Host running workgroup to a 2012 R2 License Server (also on workgroup)

So this is a major PITA. Microsoft, along with their decision to ditch tsadmin.msc from 2012 R2 (was last seen in 2008 R2), decided that Active Directory is a “pre-requisite” to RDS and that the licensing portion of RDS will only show up in the server manager if the RDS configuration is in fact joined […]