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WordPress pluggins – How to get user data in your pluggin

How to use get_userdata and get_currentuserinfo with wordpress pluggin code.


How to display a users IP Address using php

Here is another quick post for you. This comes up pretty often and is a simple task to do using php. here is a snipet of code that will display a viewers IP address to them. You can build on it from here. <?php $ip = $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]; echo “Your IP Address is: ” . $ip; […]


facebook like button code with dynamic page URLs on your website is EASY!

So, you’ve decided to “upgrade” your site to include some like buttons for facebook? I recently had to do this for a customers website and was surprised at how simple it really is. The only difficulty is if you have a dynamic page, IE a product or blog style page that the code may need […]