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Basic javascript popup notification script

Just thought I’d post up this basic popup notification script.   <script type=”text/javascript”> function ConfirmGo() { if (confirm(“Confirm Go There?”)) location.href=’’; } </script> <input type=”button” onclick=”ConfirmGo()” value=”Go”>   Pretty basic but hope it helps anyone needing a confirmation for anything.  


WordPress pluggins – How to get user data in your pluggin

How to use get_userdata and get_currentuserinfo with wordpress pluggin code.


WordPress Fatal error: Allowed memory size of issue and how to fix it

So I have run into this issue with some wordpress sites more often of late, I guess shared hosting servers or similar are tightening their reign on memory allocation? In any case, funnily enough, as I went to post this very post I received the same Fatel error on TechHelp Blog!! So I had to perform my […]


How to disable the WordPress auto code cleanup feature in WordPress 3

A while back I posted a fix to stop wordpress from removing / cleaning html code in posts and pages. In later versions of WordPress this fix was rendered useless so I’ve found another solution and here it is.   Install the Plugin TinyMCE Advanced from your WP Admin area. Then in it’s main settings page check […]


How to display a users IP Address using php

Here is another quick post for you. This comes up pretty often and is a simple task to do using php. here is a snipet of code that will display a viewers IP address to them. You can build on it from here. <?php $ip = $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]; echo “Your IP Address is: ” . $ip; […]


Twitter “Tweet” button addon to your website! It is SO EASY! Here’s how

So you want to add a neat little Twitter/Tweet/etc button to your website, it really is a great way to “spread the word”. As with most social networking sites they really are the fastest way to be recognised! So here is how. The code from Twitter is already basically done for you, you can create […]


facebook like button code with dynamic page URLs on your website is EASY!

So, you’ve decided to “upgrade” your site to include some like buttons for facebook? I recently had to do this for a customers website and was surprised at how simple it really is. The only difficulty is if you have a dynamic page, IE a product or blog style page that the code may need […]


How to disable the WordPress auto code cleanup feature

As you would be aware I use WordPress regularly (this site is also wordpress) and being a web dev I tend to place html code in pages regularly, recently I’ve become more and more anoyed with the WordPress auto code cleanup function. After some Google Searching I found this little Gem “Smacking WordPress Editor, or […]