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How to Modify the Hosts file on Mac OSX 10.8

Ok, this is pretty simple really. First Open up Terminal on your mac, typically found in Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal From there run sudo nano /private/etc/hosts Then it will ask you for your currently logged in Administrator password, this is necessary to auth the access/modifications to the file. Nano editor is pretty self explanatory and I guess if […]


Fixing the YouTube won’t play on iPhone, iPad, appleTV or iPod devices with Untange as the Gateway

A common issue it seems with iDevices, iPod, iPad, iPhone, appleTV and other apple devices is the error message when trying to play YouTube video’s “The Server is not correctly configured.” This is very common and very annoying to users! Basically it is the result, in most cases of “HTTP Resumes” being disabled as a […]


Untangle Spam Score 0 and message being Dropped and how to fix it

If you’re a techie that uses Untangle for filtering selected networks you might have run into this little Issue! After a long time in service I had some random issues where an untangle box would often just drop legit messages with a Spam Score of 0, the Super Spam setting was on but set to […]