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How to enable Gzip Compression with mod_deflate on CPanel Servers

Gzip will compress the content on the server delivering a much smaller file size to the browser where it is uncompressed and served as per normal, this reduces bandwidth and in most cases drastically reduces the viewing time of your websites.


How to configure domain specific relay hosts in exim using remote_smtp with CPanel

So you have, for whatever reason, a requirement to send all mail from CPanel server x addressed to * via a specific smtp server. I recently ran into this issue and found a relatively simple fix. Unlike Microsoft Exchange and its easy UI where you can create a send connector with a bunch of prerequisites, […]


How to Secure SSH on CPanel and restrict to specific hosts

What I tend to do is restrict ssh to protocol 2 to start with, then change the listening port for ssh and lastly utilize CPanel’s built in hosts access control to restrict what sources are able to access ssh.


Configuring AXFR using ACL’s with BIND/NSD on CPanel

From time to time my configuration of CPanel Hosting servers requires the ability to allow a Windows  (or other) style DNS server to retrieve hosted dns zones from the hosting server. As default AXFR is blocked with Bind/NSD on a CPanel box, and with good cause! My configuration in an environment where Windows DNS servers […]