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ArduinoIR remote library modification to include interrupt

Just a quick update today, messing with a little project and I did a performance test on the ArduinoIR library, it is very slow taking 2ms to poll the IR pin so I figured why not just include an interrupt and trigger the polling of the pin using the pin! simple fix and removes the […]


Arduino code for smooth fading rgb leds using pwm

Code / Program for Smoothly Fading of many RGB colours using an Arduino PWM and a non blocking program! I decided I’d bang this together quickly for anyone interested. It uses a non blocking style program by counting out timers to run functions on time and only when needed. I hope it is easy to follow.


An Easy Arduino Software Debounce with code

Debouncing buttons can be a major issue for novice programmers, for something that seems so simple (Just put in a button!) it can be hours of pulling your hair out. Typically a button is partially debounced using hardware but what if you just want the ability to get rid of those false presses or stop […]


Arduino Temperature Thermistor Circuit and Calculation Code

So you want to meassure temperature of something using an Arduino product. By far the cheapest way to do this is by using a 10k Ohm NTC Thermal Resistor divider circuit and an analog pin on an Arduino! The Circuit will be something like this image. The idea is to pull GND through the variable […]


XBee S1 802.15.4 Guide

So lately I’ve had a need to include wireless communications in some projects and after much research I chose to tackle the XBee platform. This was for many reasons but to just name a few; robust, reliable, industry standard, well supported and simple to utilise with even the most basic understandings. Anyone who has dealt […]


24Ch Analog i2C Expander Shield for Arduino by

This post is more about a cool Arduino Shield I made for the Arduino Uno, I was working with some CD4051BC chips on a project and figured I would breadboard and use an arduino to test a few ideas. Curious I thought someone might have come up with an analog expander shield or similar but […]


Program for Fading between colours smoothly using PWM an RGB LED and an Arduino Uno

UPDATE! See my updated version of this code here I was just messing around with some cheap RGB Leds I got off ebay and decided to replicate the smooth colour changing I seen on some Ikea lamp a while back… There are more complicated ways of doing this with less program “bloat”, for lack of […]


Thermal switch with the LM741 Circuit Idea

I recently needed a simple way to trigger a fan based on temperature and after some research and whatnot I’ve come up with this basic circuit, there is a few around the traps similar but figured it might be useful to post my version here. Using the LM741 IC, 3 resistors, a PNP Transisto, a […]