Fixing the YouTube won’t play on iPhone, iPad, appleTV or iPod devices with Untange as the Gateway

A common issue it seems with iDevices, iPod, iPad, iPhone, appleTV and other apple devices is the error message when trying to play YouTube video’s “The Server is not correctly configured.” This is very common and very annoying to users! Basically it is the result, in most cases of “HTTP Resumes” being disabled as a virus blocking/firewall measure. In this How to I’ll show you how to fix this issue if you operate an Untangle Gateway, box see (it rocks, trust me. I have it in play from small sites through to many many user sites and highly recommend it!) , however if you can find the same settings in your gateway/router you can probably fix this issue on that too.

  • Log into your Untangle Administration panel and click on the settings button on the Virus Blocker

  • Now simply expand out the Advanced Settings and uncheck the “Disable HTTP Resume” Radio button then click Apply or OK and that’s it! See image below.

I am confident this fix can be adapted to other routers and gateway devices. Any questions, post them in the comments. Thanks guys and happy You Tube watching :)


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2 Responses to “Fixing the YouTube won’t play on iPhone, iPad, appleTV or iPod devices with Untange as the Gateway”

  1. Bill Lloyd October 13, 2011 at 11:34 am #

    According to the Untangle help file it appears that I might be opening myself up to viruses if I make the change you recommend. What is different about the iPhone request for the YouTube data that would require this change? It isn’t a problem with a PC or a Droid

    Note what the help file says: “Disable HTTP Resume: The HTTP protocol has an advanced feature where an interrupted file download may be resumed (restarted) where it left off. Although a handy feature for unreliable networks, the Untangle Server is unable to perform virus scans when this feature is enabled. When HTTP download resume is permitted, it is possible that a file containing a virus could be received over multiple connections. When this occurs, the Untangle Server only sees parts of the file at once and cannot know if it contained a virus.”

    • Josh October 18, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

      Bill, Yes you are correct in saying this. I am not sure why Apple requires the HTTP Resumes and PC and Droid don’t, I guess it has something to do with the software and the way in which is connects to YouTube. Cheers

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