Untangle Spam Score 0 and message being Dropped and how to fix it

If you’re a techie that uses Untangle for filtering selected networks you might have run into this little Issue! After a long time in service I had some random issues where an untangle box would often just drop legit messages with a Spam Score of 0, the Super Spam setting was on but set to 20 and the Threshold for quarantine was Medium so why was a message with a score 0 being dropped!? Not quarantined, marked or passed!?

Well while I can’t be bothered explaining why, and am not 100% certain to be honest, I do have a fix!

Run this on the Terminal or SSH connection to your Untangle box! You will need to use the Console if you haven’t enabled SSH (I’ll cover enabling SSH in another Post later)

sa-compile -D –list

and then

/etc/init.d/spamassassin restart 

That’s it!
Here is the place I found this snippet.
click here.


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