How to enable Gzip Compression with mod_deflate on CPanel Servers

For a long time we have been working so hard on content and meta tags and image tags and alt tags, etc, etc that we have often left the speed and performance of our websites be pushed to the back burner! And if any of you have use Google Webmasters tools you’ll stand up and take notice of the Performance area which compares the speed of your website with, well, all others in some sort of low quality result comparison. This comparison, I’m lead to believe, is actually now a small(may be more than a small part) part of the google algorithm and is taken into consideration when page rank/page quality/content quality, etc, etc is calculated in the google brain.

Which brings me to this post, a helpful method of speeding up those sluggish ecommerce or heavily content driven sites is by utilizing Gzip, which is available in Apache version 2.x and up. Gzip will compress the content on the server delivering a much smaller file size to the browser where it is uncompressed and served as per normal, this reduces bandwidth and in most cases drastically reduces the viewing time of your websites. The only downside is there will be some increase in CPU load on the server side and also a slight increase in the browsers load as it decompresses the content, this is minimal and I haven’t yet seen any negative effects.

Basically in order for Gzip to work Apache 2.x needs to be compiled with mod_deflate so the first step, if it isn’t already enabled, is to enable mod_deflated and recompile your apache.

  1. Using EasyApache in WHM we rebuild with mod_deflate enabled
    I won’t go through the initial steps in detail, once clicked into the Easy Apache area  ensure the Previously Saved Config (**DEFAULT**) is selected and click start customizing based on profile leave the next screen on its default which should be the current apache version (remember needs to be 2.x to support mod_deflated) choose NEXT leave the PHP Major version the same and click NEXT, leave PHP minor version the same and click NEXT, leave Short Options List the same and click Exhaustive Options List, Here we will check the box that says Deflated. See image right. Then select save and build note that this can take a long time depending on the servers performance, etc. Once its done, apply it and thats it Deflate is now compiled into Apache.
  2. With mod_deflate enabled we can turn on Gzip on a per account basis.
    In CPanel under the specific accounts you can enable Gzip via the Optimize Website page! See image below.

    Once in the Optimize Website menu you can choose from a few options as shown below. I’ll leave that up to you, its relativelt self explanitory. If you want to check your site to see if it is being gzipped you can use  this little tool which is pretty helpful, or google gzip test as there is a whole bunch of them out there.

Hope this helped give you an idea of how to enable Gzip in CPanel! Questions in the comments, happy fast browsing :)


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