VMware Console repeating Characters and how to stop it

I was recently connected to the console of a Linux VM on an ESXi server using vSphere and whenever I would type it would repeat each character a random number of times, needless to say this got quiet anoying. So I did some Googleing! As we all do, and I found this article which was exactly what I needed and figured I’d post up my findings on the same.

Basically in order to make this change you will require access to the .vmx file for the VM in question on the server with either vSphere/telnet/ssh. I actually used ssh to perform the change browsing to the virtual machine and editing the .vmx file that way. However as most people probably don’t have ssh/telnet enabled, view this post by clicking here to learn how to enable it, I will demonstrate this using vSphere and its built in Datastore Browser.

  1. Browse the datastore from vSphere as shown below.
    Basically you click on the top level host in the left column, then choose the Configuration tab >> storage in the Hardware menu and right click on the datastore in question and select Browse Datastore.
    NOTE: Ensure the VM is Shutdown when changing this file.
  2. Browse to the VM and download the .vmx file
    This part is mostly self explanatory, using the datastore browser window that pops up you can browse the file store and find the .vmx file inside your VM’s folder. Then click the small download button and choose an appropriate place for it.
  3. Now lets edit the file with WordPad or similar.
    Find a neat place within the file to add the following line.

    keyboard.typematicMinDelay = “2000000”

  4. Save the file, ensuring it retains its .vmx extension.

  5. Upload the file using the Datastore Browser.
    Overwrite the original file with the changed file and you’re good to go. Start the VM up again and you shouldn’t have the typing issue again!

Typing may be slowed down somewhat and as mentioned in Robert Chases post here you may need to repeat keystrokes within editors like vi when holding a key doesn’t quiet work as normal. But quality is more important that quantity! Leave questions in the comments. Cheers :)


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